Sarah Robey


Sarah is constantly squirrelling away collections ranging from textiles, to gorgeous leaves, flowers, seed pods and nuts, to colour samples,  and these all provide inspiration... hence the name of the collection.


Sarah completed her Fine Arts degree at UWA in 1995 and initially dabbled in ceramics and sculpture before settling into painting. Her passion for painting is anchored in colours, texture and detail. Her works showcase her love of layering and experimentation with shape, repetition, new mediums and mixed media. This latest collection is a celebration of colour, light and nature.  Sarah has draw inspiration from the plants in her local area and also her love of textile qualities in painting. 


Since 2005 Sarah has exhibited works in a number of exhibitions and had her art published in Inside Out magazine and Going Down South: Anthology of Fiction and Art. She has also been commissioned to produce a number of book covers for Sunline press (Sandfire, The Drunken Elk, The Roof Milkers, The Softness of Water, Anatomy of Blue, Weighing of the Heart, Of Arc and Shadow, Honey and Hemlock and The Astronomer’s Wife) and was the feature artist for the first edition of art and literary magazine, Cuttlefish. Sarah has exhibited with Artist Open House Fremantle, Monart Gallery, PLC OWA and has had a solo exhibition in Fremantle.   





Sarah Robey, Artist, West Australian,
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